Best-selling Authors

Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt


Attachment in the First 18 months:

The well respected  authors of "Getting the Love you Want" and "Keeping the Love you Find" have yet another national best-seller with their book on parenting!

Here is a short excerpt from "Giving the Love that Heals" regarding some basic ways a parent can provide safety and support to a child in the Attachment Stage of development (a stage clearly defined and accepted by experts on child development):

"The parent is consistently available to meet the child's physical needs...The parent is consistently available to meet the child's emotional needs  ... The parent is physically present for as much of this first stage as possible.  She carries the baby in a sling as long as possible, has the child sleep in the same bed or at least the same room at night (separation at night can be a major trauma for the child when there are delayed responses to the baby's cries), and takes the baby with her as much as possible when she goes out.  The parent is aware that it is important to be available when the baby needs her, and not just when it is convenient for her.

Although it may seem difficult for parents weary of the long hours of responsibility, absences from the baby should be brief..."  page 202

Hendrix, Harville & Hunt, Helen,   Giving the Love that Heals: A Guide for Parents , Pocket Books, New York NY, 1997.
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